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For the Love of Canines – Wolf Awareness Week 2011

This land belongs to you and me

To love your dog is to love wolves, for in every dog beats the heart of canis lupus.

A few days ago I found out it is National Wolf Awareness Week in the US of A. (every 3rd week in October). Not all the wolf news this year is good – though progress has been made in the last 25 years to prevent total extinction of the wild wolf.

Video I made for the ♥ of canines and wolf awareness week – fun till the end, imho 🙂

Below 2 videos showing how wolves hunt.

good sites to check

Wolves hunting

Becoming an activist? Is that what it is called?

You can’t push a river.  You can’t change anyone else. The Earth is being driven to it’s knees, and all it’s living things with them – by what? Are you supposed to do anything? We invite you to invite the answer into your life.


Knowing something in your head – that’s a start – You can even have opinions, agree or disagree with something. Once you are feelingly awake to a certain reality – including that of suffering of sentient beings all around you – you start acting – not necessarily out of want, but just because something needs to be done, just because it is the right thing to do…not because someone says so or because the rules dictate. There comes a time when denial is no longer an option – when you dare to look long enough that you feel it all.

It takes your soul’s agreement for your heart to be broken open. It takes courage.

When your heart is open, you don’t just feel the good stuff…. ….. but when it is closed, you don’t feel at all. All you can do is mechanics,  obey a law, decide with your head. Many hearts are closed because of pain experienced that was too much to bear for the baby or young child. Defenses protect against overwhelming pain. When hearts don’t feel, people can be cruel, sometimes beyond reach. Sometimes it is cultural numbness. When you are angry beyond belief at injustice and cruelty done to innocent beings – to the point you just want to kill someone – try imagining the perpetrators as little children – never getting the chance to learn any different.  Your anger is fuel, is energy to act on behalf of those who suffer….and might be wasted directed at a person who does not know any better. The stronger force is deeper – even deeper than pain – and I don’t really have words for it —- after you are all broken down in the face of such unspeakable suffering …. there is a core of softness, love, tenderness humble offering of help and you realize what needs to be done and you start doing it. And when action wants to happen – allow it….

When you have the capacity to feel more – and more – and stay present ….. then you might  start doing things that look like activism….and for all practical purposes, it may be so….it just happens. For you – it might look like something else.

So it looks like I am becoming an activist….after all these years.

It looks like there is a lot of extra work to do and things to learn. This might have to include learning new skills, like social skills 🙂  – but for the sake of the dogs of this world, for the sake of alleviating suffering of the animals of this planet, I am willing to give it my best.

I invite you to feel a little more of the suffering of animals, to not turn your eyes away and allow empathy do do it’s job, because it accurately lets you perceive something important – stay present with it – be aware of what wants to happen inside you, like watering eyes, knot in stomach, aching in the chest, fidgeting as if you want to turn away….things like that. You will grow beyond your self, your friends and family, your own little life. You won’t become militant or violent, but soft and strong – and action will flow from you. It will be practical, fueled by necessity greater than yourself.

It is not that you cannot do good without feeling it all … is the compassion for all sentient beings – universal love that goes beyond …..

Give Love a chance.

What is your calling? What is your answer? What will YOU do in YOUR life?

What is your answer

Can you hear the call? The one for you?

It matters not what it is…but in these desperate times on Earth, it won’t be vegetating on the couch watching TV, or meditating in a remote cave for the rest of your life.

So there is the Great Void, the Clear Light, Heaven and G-d – and then there is – this here … wherever you are in the manifested Universe. And there is does matter, everything matters, everything has an effect. …and who’s to say the great void does not evolve after all – but if nothing else, if more of us wake up to feel it all, there need not be so much unconscious suffering.

Dare to feel, dare to allow your nervous system to do it’s job – and through empathy realize you are not separate from those out there – you might just realize for yourself that it is true – that what you have done to the least of my breathen, you have done to….yourself.