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Feral Kitties, month 4 – and on

They are doing well, coming now regularly mornings and late afternoons for some food, then hang out and sometimes play. They still follow me around to some degree. Blue Boy is definitely the boss at the 2 feed bowls. He goes to check out what she is having (I might give her some wet cat food after all) …and she then goes to the bowl he just left. They do that 3 or 4 times like that…funny. He is bigger than her. Not sure how they are doing with the rodents….some of whom are now living INSIDE the coops (smartypants), an area the cats can’t get to. We’ll see how it does with the garden vegetables later this year. They are hanging out and living near the coops and raised beds, so keeping fingers crossed.

Kitty girl is stillĀ  acting more cautious and shy than her brother.

photos from March 10, 2017