Art Classes in Grass Valley California

…to help shelter animals – in the making

Good for the animals – good for the kids – good for your soul

Help shelter animals – teach kids art and caring  – empower them to make a difference – build community that cares for all living beings.

We would LOVE to see this year as the year to launch our local  Nevada County, California children’s art classes with art auction to benefit animal shelters.  How exactly it is all going to look like? We’ll see.

Does any of this apply to you:

  • you have kids and/or think art is an important part of education
  • you love animals
  • you think it is important for children to know about animals in shelters
  • you have kids and/or think working together on a project is teaching valuable lessons
  • you think it is important for our children to develop empathy
  • want to give our children an experience of YES, we can do something to help the animals in the shelters –

then this is for you, your children and worth your support in any way you can support.

Spread the news, share, participate, be part of the solution


Want to be part of the solution: contact me using the contact form – THANK YOU

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