Quantum Support, Energy and Prayer

Please do not dismiss the power and effectiveness of energetic support, prayer and quantum effects when you are helping others.

Keeping an image of an animal in need in mind and sending loving energy –  helps.

Prayer – helps.

Myself, I have asked spirit guides to protect and guide and be with an animalsmany many times, invoking them through an ancient Native American chant.

I have also – with good results, run a particular Prosperity Path Orb  – a form of prayer – the Karma Wash (urthgame.com – download cost is 99 cents)

When I run the orb (run as in on the computer), my heart is open and I feel for the animals. I type in their names or characteristics, I run the orb and then let go and allow them to be in the hands of higher power, care and love, while doing what I can in this 3 dimensional world. It appears to have helped  all the animals I ran for –  and it helps me too.

A friend of mine in Spain used “Heal My Pet” for his injured dog and was astonished.

We are all – everything is – so deeply connected and the quantum world does not follow the rules of the Einsteinian Universe or understanding.

And then there is this Hoʻoponopono


All dogs deserve a home, all wild K9s to be free