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….  coming soon because to this day it hurts my heart that on all my searches for dog training in general, best dog training and  – how to deal with dog to dog aggression and other topics, Natural Dog Training (NDT) never showed up till it was too late – so I’m trying to up the odds for someone else.  The crawlers just never found it. And yet, without having to know all the NDT theory:

Even 3 most basic and simply exercises of Natural Dog Training would have made a world of difference for me, if I had known about them.

– and –  because behavior problems in dogs are on the rise  despite all the “breeding for temperament” and the use of currently more prominent training methods – and it is hurting dogs and people. Natural Dog Training goes to a deeper level of what motivates a dog, and dog owners  and trainers everywhere would benefit being informed by Natural Dog Training understanding.

The 3 Natural Dog Training exercises, which will make a huge difference and  that anyone can do and incorporate – no matter what your chosen training method is – are:

“Pushing” – to bond and help the dog deal with energy charges, makes YOU the most important and attractive thing to your dog, his deep energy needs get fulfilled, and it resolves charge. ..and when you do it – the dog gives YOU the credit for helping ground his energy and stabilize him. This grounding leads to gradually being able to handle more of a stressful situation that puts him in overload leading and  to things like growling or biting.

For excellent detailed and free descriptions – and yes, they are FREE, please check out Pushing on the Natural Dog blog  and Pushing on Lee Charles Kelly’s Dog Training site.

Does it help to see it done – yes, but I started using pushing and eyes with our overreacting terrier before I ever saw it done on a video. …I am having to teach him to tug.

“Tug of War/fetch-tug” – the dog always wins – bonds and fun, allows the bite to come out where it is safe, makes YOU the most important and attractive thing to your dog, his deep energy needs get fulfilled, his hunting drive and bit needs finds healthy expression and after the “hunt” he will lie peacefully at your side. See here for how to play tug of war.

Check it out on natural Dog Blog, you tube here and here

“Eyes exercise” – originally introduced by Kevin Behan in 1982. Dog learns to focus on YOU to get what he wants. Please see the “Eyes” exercise described here.

Anyone can do these exercises with their dog and it will work towards resolving any issues. Here is a quote I found online: “This method of training really works in a real life every day run of the mill home”. – and I found this to be true.

I am giving you these exercises to make it easier to focus on something that you can start doing TODAY because of course, learning a whole new theory of dog training is a pretty big undertaking. There is much more of course, like the simply practice of playing and pushing with your dog outside … so the house does become the resting place.  Things like not overstimulating the dog by excessive greeting rituals every time you see him, but teach him “Hub” instead to connect with you and feel in sync with you. Like making sure you allow your puppy to play and explore their environment with their mouths  – an environment YOU control, meaning he simply does not have access to parts of the house where he can cause damage – so you don’t have to say “no” all the time and get into the habit to suppress his natural curiosity and playfulness – don’t train  too early.

These 3 exercises – “Pushing”, “Tug of war/fetch-tug” and “Eyes” can make a world of difference no matter what other training methods you have tried.

Please understand that I am not discussing other methods. There is NO ONE WAY to train a dog – and whatever works for you and your dog – works for you and your dog. Depending on time, place and people – methods vary – but I feel that there are dog training methods out there that are informed by old “facts” or understanding – and learning and incorporating a new and deeper understanding is a sign of strength and integrity – and shows real care for the well-being of dogs and humans.
For my own experience – the 2 most prevalent methods did not work for me, the dog or the situation I was in. These days – for the sake of the dogs as well as people – some basic training seems to be necessary. Most dogs don’t just hang around on farms with jobs to do anymore, let alone have hunting jobs. They are living in crowded urban environments.  Notice though that “coincidentally” since dogs have been bred to be friendly and domesticated rather than be a working dog that had to earn its living and people have been “training” dogs with the commonly used methods or treating them as playthings  –  dog aggression and other behavioral problems have been on the rise. Not the “positive” reward training, or the dominance/pack leader based training or the combined training methods get to the root of canine behaviors. As per Kevin Behan: It is in police dog training that you quickly realize where those methods fail.

There is another reason for doing this site, and that is the issue of dog training  – or rather, the Number 1 cause if death for dogs is getting killed in a shelter for behavioral issues. Sure, perfectly adoptable dogs get euthanized for space, but if you are a dog with “problems” – you don’t even stand a chance. – So, finding ways to coexists peacefully with dogs is important for their lives and our peace of mind. Since I am convinced that this method works to improve your “situation” with your dog in your home – I wanted to make it more available and findable. One never knows where any given reader can take it.

A testimonial for Tug of War: from http://www.naturaldogblog.com/forum/solving-problems-using-natural-dog-training/120-power-doggie-wins-tug-war.html

“I’ve may have mentioned this in previous postings, but my partner’s dog (9-10 years old) has a history of biting intact male dogs, young dogs that are overly rambunctious around him or when a dog gets too close to one of his toys. For a variety of reasons, my partner won’t let me do any pushing with him. However, I have been playing lots and lots of tug-of-war/push-of-war with him when we’re out and if another dog comes around, praise him wildly and put in a good game of tug afterwards. Sometimes if he gets too anxious in the house I’ll either get him to speak or tell him to grab a toy and play a low-level game of tug with him, which calms him a fair bit. Well, today all of this uninhibited play showed it’s benefits.

We were in the big park by my house playing tug and these two rambuncious Rotties came came down the trail with their handler. They immediately came rushing up two us, and Yoshi dropped his toy and went to sniff them while I praised him the whole time. He ran around with the dogs for a bit and eventually I called him and they went on their way. We continued our tug game and later this fluffy little brown puppy came running up to him, jumping on him and trying to chase him, which normally would have sent him into a frenzy. He did his best to avoid the pup, I could see that he was tense but I kept praising him and helped the other dogs handler collect her pup. We kept playing, and then these two shepherds came running into the park. Yoshi took off after them so I followed him over to where the dogs were with their handlers. The two shepherds, the two rotties and Yoshi were all mingling, even though one of the shepherds was really in his face, licking his chin, jumping on him and doing all of the things that I’ve seen him bite other dogs square on the muzzle for. Finally, he had enough and left the group so we went on our way.

Six months ago, each of those three situations could have ended badly. Now that he has an outlet for his anxiety, he’s able to deal with those moments instead of just reacting. Also, I feel that the shift in my attitude – trusting his good nature, setting aside my fears and judgements – helps him feel safe and secure. It was really something to see.”

All dogs deserve a home, all wild K9s to be free