Why help dogs, not humans?

“It is not just that animals make the world more scenic or picturesque. The lives of animals are woven into our very being – closer than our own breathing – and our souls will suffer when they are gone.” ~ Gary Kowalski, Author of The Souls of Animals

Occasionally I read a comment on someone’s rescue video – but what about all the people who are starving and mistreated in this world, why aren’t you doing something about that? Dogs are not more important than people…..

And frankly, the same thought had crossed my mind. What is it about that? Do I think dogs are more valuable than humans? Why dogs? Why not work for all the abused children or starving and abused people?

In addition, there is the pain of trees being cut down all over the world, jungle disappearing, native Amazonians at risk, honey bees disappearing, tuna poisoned with mercury, songbirds in Europe dwindling, unspeakable torture of commercially used animals, children used as slaves, women suppressed and misused all over the world, whole oceans contaminated, healthy organic food access threatened by the state,  – babies starving, and looking like Patrick, the miracle dog…and the list of suffering and destruction is almost endless…so why dogs?

There are a couple of ways I can think of answering to the question above. One is in the line of – ok, and what are YOU, personally, doing about it? This is however a shortsighted way.

What do you want to accomplish before your die?

Most folks I know who become passionate about something have had some personal experience which got them into the field. This is true for me also. When considering what I wanted to accomplish in my life before I die, there was only one item on the list: empty my storage unit. Already living a life  dedicated to service, I was doing my jobs and I literally could not think of anything else to do, no matter that I considered.  At the same time I was reading about and listening online to some women evolutionaries about finding your voice, passion, living your life fully and contributing to the greater good, about connecting and stepping out and supporting each other. Well, there still was not anything I could think of, and frankly, I thought maybe there was something wrong with me. I considered attending an online course with other awakening women for support, but somehow, without a project or passion, it did not seem needed. I was already on the path, doing what I needed and wanted to do it to the best of my ability. There was also this impression of myself of not fitting into their image of “feminine women” and their way of talking. Still I wondered and did an invocation, a silent prayer that if there was something more I was supposed to do, for it to become clear. It did not even take 2 months when

Skye, a 1 year old German shepherd husky adopted…..

the wild in a german-shepherd-husky
A Magnificent Being - Photo by James Rodney

….from the shelter came into my life – as a job to take care of her. In the process of doing right for her – and the circumstances where challenging at best –  and what she needed to be a happy dog, I began to explore the world of dogs, dog training and the fate of dogs in the world did not remain hidden. I gave her absolutely all I was capable of giving to do her justice. There was a level involved that I can only call devotion. In working with her, with deep respect for her being and under fairly difficult conditions that maxed me out physically, there started a connection and a bonding,  and I fell in Love. She opened my heart in ways I could not have predicted. A door into a whole new realm opened up. You might say all my life was a preparation for this. An incredible expansion happened. She was a guide to a different level of being, starting with feeling on a deep level the dogs of the world and their often horrible fate at the hand of humans, and realizing their incredible contribution to human lives and well-being. I experienced the healing power of connection with a dog in the way I was connecting, involving both heart and brain. It was literally doing something in my brain to rewire it in a way that is “better” that it was before. On the level of heart and empathy – she had a key to a part of my inner heart, maybe all of it. I realized myself as her, as all dogs …and the process is deepening. And I started thinking in terms of including working with dogs on this path and in the situation where I am living. It felt like a natural progression, a level-up. Given who she was, I don’t know if she could have been trained as a therapy dog, but surely to be a well balanced dog to help train shelter dogs to become socialized. She certainly was masterful with our rat terrier. Heck, she had taught him to start  flipping polarities in playing. In my mind’s eye, I began seeing us to eventually foster dogs from the shelter, giving them a better chance a life. Anyway – she was a path – and opened my heart to a new level.

And then after only 7 months,  she was whisked away.  She was 100% NOT at fault fro what happened, neither was is something that could not have been dealt with. But she was not my dog. And considering – her mission was done and I actually found her a really good home. But you cannot imagine, unless you have been there, what that was like. And on the path I am finding myself on – to find it in myself to feel for humans on that level in their shortcomings & ignorance which causes so much pain  is a whole other level of task. Many years ago I dedicated my life, committed to the universe, or G-d, or the spirit world, to a path of learning to LOVE – for real – and at some time after that – to asked Be given what I – my soul or essence being –  needed, rather than what I (the little i) wanted on this path. What is YOUR life’s purpose?

Heeding the call, finding your voice

Thing is – now I am finding myself working for dogs, passionate about helping dogs and ideas keep coming through about what might work. The fate of dogs, as well as any other creature on this planet is intimately connected with the fate and well-being of humans. When someone is passionate about true well-being of anything beyond their own self, it will, in some way or another, benefit the well-being of humans – and the whole of Being. It’s like there is a right as well as duty to contribute.

When you are passionate about something, you get pulled almost effortlessly to action. You don’t have to make yourself work, you just find yourself doing it. No one, but no one ever in the thousands of years on the planet has been, is, or will be exactly like you are. Each and every human, as similar as we sometimes seem, has their own unique perspective and contribution to make.  So here I am, finding myself writing this. I have no idea who will read it, but I must write it because when inspiration strikes  it wants to be said and I listen, sitting at my desk with an elbow that can barely move from pain on the desk.

Pencil Drawing - dabbling in art

I honestly do not know where this will lead, only that it is my job to listen to where my heart is guiding me, when inspiration strikes and my duty to act. The form of life expression that will emerge is an unknown to me, and that is ok.

Given the state of the world, each and everyone is called to do their part, whichever it is…and wherever you are.

Connection and working together

I have also heard the call to connect, to work together. The integral evolutionary movement includes all aspects of the self – and for me, at this time – the focus is on listening inside and what is coming out is  including dogs as part of what I am doing.  My drop of compassion is but a small one on a very hot big stone of manifest suffering, and will evaporate, but many many tiny drops can make a difference and alleviate suffering. So I am looking for others to work with, locally and online. It is a (slow) process. Groups can be effective in realms that individuals working alone cannot go to.

Emptying the storage unit is still on my list of specific things to do before I die, but now there is another item: Helping Canines.

Be blessed, live fully and love deeply – and if you are open to it, life will show you what you can do to help the well-being of others, humans or other living beings entrusted to us. May your passion and calling find you in this big game we play on earth. It may be time to include something higher than yourself in your passion. Let me know what it is you are involved in.

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On connecting, supporting and helping others:

Do you feel supported when someone comments with a  “like” on your projects?  Clicking the “like” button counts, commenting helps too. So if you see someone living and developing their passion and projects, even if it is not exactly what you are into, giving them a “like” is not that hard to do. I appreciate it too.

And in the name of the dogs in shelters and for the sake of caring for them: please explore and consider gifts which are also Helping K9s.

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It’s 3:23 in the morning
and I’m awake
because my great great grandchildren
won’t let me sleep
my great great grandchildren
ask me in dreams
what did you do while the planet was plundered?
what did you do when the earth was unraveling?
—Drew Dellinger, “Hieroglyphic Stairway”

The essence of Skye

Looking for a Home - Can You Help? - Thank you - Wooffff

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