Pure Gold Rescue Angel Animal Shelter Fundraiser

Benefiting a no-kill shelter or non profit rescue organization

The “Pure Gold Rescue Angel”  Fundraiser to benefit a non profit no-kill shelter or rescue each month. Get one, wear it everywhere, gift it, talk about it, inspire someone to open their heart to animals in need. This is a beautiful high end jewelry item for a special someone who loves animals.

Please consider benefiting a no-kill non-profit shelter  with the Pure Gold Rescue Angel.
A beautiful pendant with triple benefit – helping animals in need – in these times of financial uncertainty, why not get Gold – and getting to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry.

These Angel images are handcrafted onto a quarter size 24 K pure gold token and contained in a beautiful, hand braided 14 K rope bezel, protected in crystals. Magical and with intrinsic value and not your everyday item, wear it with pride and knowing you have helped animals in need – and eased the worries of rescue workers just a little bit.

This beautiful pieces comes  certified that the gold used in this  Fine Art Token Series is .9999 fine, as received by me from a certified licensed refinery in the USA – that is 24K pure gold.
As I photographed it in the setting sun – the magic of the gold sparked this idea. This is worth a try at least. Only those who never try are guaranteed to fail.
Every single penny above my cost will go to   the designated animal rescue shelter.
The quarter size 24 K Gold token is beautifully engraved with the image of an angel and comes in a 14 K gold hand braided bezel.
Your donation above the value of the gold and gold angel art will be donated to the non-profit in your name.

If you would like to get a Pure Gold Rescue Angel, please contact me through the contact form.
How good can it get get? A Beautiful Piece of Jewelry –  Pure Gold –  and you have Helped Animals in need!
Be a rescue angel and wear it with pride.
Imagine you are wearing your gold rescue angel and people you meet start commenting and asking about it – what a great way for you have to tell the story of dogs, their plight and your love for them and how this is helping rescues and shelters and you can tell them “I got it at helpingK9s.com”. Any yes, it is pure gold. And yes, you are wearing it as a rescue angel and they they too can become one.

You never know who you meet. Everyone can add their voice.

One of our  beneficiaries  is  Sammie’s Friends in Grass Valley, California just because they do good work AND are local

Please check them out here:  
Sammie’s Friends. It is a very fun website!!!
They work tirelessly for all kinds of animals in need. They need help.
Beloved Skye came from there.

Skye,  a dog in my life who was the key to a door in my heart.
My heart since then has been broken many times, tears been shed in agony and disbelief – and ever since I have become aware of the plight of literally MILLIONS of dogs each year, I have wondered what I can do to help. This blog in a mini step in that direction, getting the word out to those around me, volunteering, in whatever small way possible at a local shelter and today, this idea of a monthly fundraiser with the help of these Pure Gold Rescue Angels.

For the Love of Skye

It was through going on the internet for helping some folks to raise a 1 y old pup from a shelter that I came across the many videos and postings regarding the plight of dogs and the neglect and cruelty done to them and other animals in our society and this world. My heart was broken over and over – and it is with deep gratitude to have had her in my life that I find myself doing all what I can to help. Help can come in many ways, just as love.
Different ways to help for different kinds of people.

All dogs deserve a home, all wild K9s to be free