About Helping K9s

Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them,
But to stop there is not enough.
We have a higher mission —
To be of service to them wherever they require it.
St Francis of Assisi

A work in progress, Helping K9s considered and even started the process of forming a non-profit organization – Helping K9s Academy – to help dogs get out and stay out of shelters through education and training. We still work with dogs, and art and raising awareness – not only to the plight of dogs, but all animals – and the personal choices we all make.

It has become more clear that reaching humans, one at a time, and help them transform, wake up,  educate them or simply help them take care of an animal they have …. will ultimately be the best for the animals of this world.

Please consider volunteering at your local shelter and please contact us if you would like to do fundraising. We have more available that you see on this website.

The MISSION statement of the Helping K9s Academy read as follows: to get and keep dogs out of shelters and rescues through education, fundraising, volunteering, networking, inspiration, dog training and advocacy of respect and compassion for all animals. We are helping dogs to have a happy, healthy and safe life with their companions, families and in society. We hold a vision of this world in which animals live with humans in harmony. To that end, or mission includes advocacy and care for the well-being of all animals of this world.

Millions of dogs get euthanized each year in shelters in the USA alone and there are untold cases of cruelty against dogs worldwide. We are dedicated to create a world in which dogs and people can both be living happily and safely together and discover the deep connection we have with our canine companions on earth. We advocate for the possibility of a free life in nature for all wild canines, especially the wolves.

How it got started:

From October 2010 to May 2011, I took care of a dog, the dog who changed my life, who change me. It started out as a job I had accepted for a group of people, but I realized quickly that in order to do her, Skye, a German Shepherd/Husky or Malamute mix justice, I had to fully commit and engage, and I said yes and stepped through a door into a world which before this had only existed next to my life. Interestingly, only weeks before She came into my life I had asked “God and the Universe” that if there was anything else  I was to do in this life, to please make it known. At the time I simply could not come up with anything myself, volunteering full time in the way I was, with the exception of emptying my storage unit.

And so a few weeks later and unexpectedly, Skye entered my life, adopted from the local shelter. She is an amazing dog, a guide, and a soul I had known before and always will. After intense 7 months – I had to let her go – having stepped through a door into her world – and changed in my core. She had a key to my deepest heart. I had always always for as long as I can remember loved nature and animals – and I can tell you now that this is true:

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.  – Anatole France

In the course of the time with her I had come to see and know the misery of so many dogs worldwide and I cried more in those 7 months than the entire rest of my life,  ….and the impulse, mission, and calling was simple -> Helping Dogs, Helping Canines – Helping K9s.

The form in which this may be possible changed after Skye went to live elsewhere – the calling however is still there -> HELPING K9s.

I am also in no position to rescue or give shelter to any dogs atm. Yet I am convinced that everyone can do something to help the situation that dogs here and everywhere find themselves in. So I got a website and facebook account and started.

Helping K9s – – Out of the shelter to being a heart melter! All Dogs Deserve A Happy Life. All people and dogs deserve to be safe around each other – and may every human discover the deep and magical connection we share with dogs, our closest companions on planet earth.

You are invited to browse through the site for information and some heartwarming – and heartbreaking stories.

If you need a place for dog socialization opportunity and  training, we are currently serving the Northern California area of Grass Valley, Nevada City and Penn Valley.

Please contact us for fundraiser or educational events and our individualized socialization training.

Inspired by Skye with the help of Storm and Shakti

Some of the photography is from the www and ownership is difficult to determine and it’s use is intended under fair use, for the benefit of all dogs everywhere.

All dogs deserve a home, all wild K9s to be free