Living with an open heart, compassion for all sentient beings, courage and right action and humble service ….¬† and dedicated to helping K9s, our dog-gy friends and their human companions. It does not matter what religion you practice or what spiritual path you are on. We respect¬† all who are working for this, no matter which spiritual path you have chosen, or where on the ladder you find yourself. Be kind to animals and help those in need if it is possible for you. Considering the dismal situation, all are needed and every step and effort helps. Are you willing?

I was 4 months old, I needed a home ....

Do your next step, wherever you are. If not now, when? There are so many ways open to you to start contributing.

Start caring – Get informed – Pray or send supportive energy – Talk about it – Get involved – Donate – Sponsor – Foster – Adopt – Spay/neuter – Do a fundraiser – Change the laws – Be kind to animals and children – Become an advocate

Why help dogs – not humans?

Compassion for animals – quotes from famous people

Spirtuality and animal advocacy

For all those who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge

Be the change you want to see.

All dogs deserve a home, all wild K9s to be free