Collecting blankets for shelter dogs

November 29, 2011 – Thank you so much!!! you’ve inspired me, and Jenny called me and said lets do this. We’ve never done it before but we’re gonna give it our best! 🙂

Some friends and I are collecting blankets, beds, small comforters, baby blankets and stuffed animals and doggie toys to donate to shelters this winter. If you have something you’d like to donate please send me a message. Thank you!

If we get blankets, we’re gonna take them to West Side German Shepherd for Macfarland…

She made this flyer – fingers crossed!  We’ll keep you posted

Dropping off Donations for McFarland Shelter... Some of our collected mats, pillows, toys, and dog supplies, plus some $$$ for cleaning supplies. 🙂

They did it.

Cool vid, one of the inspirations – you think the dogs like the blankets?

All dogs deserve a home, all wild K9s to be free