Feral Cats – First Month

Ok, Reporting as it goes.

For what happened in the very first week, please see this post here.

No sightings until December 11. Generally, I will only post news …

Dry cat food had been disappearing each night, and also, eventually, the soft food offered on a spoon with a long handle when I placed it in the handle-hole opening of the cave (upside down bankers box).

So today, December 11, I did not give them any food during the day, then in the evening, did the wet food offering..and noticed…it was gone after a few minutes, while I was still working in the area….yay…

so then, I offered it a few more times and she seemed to be waiting for it…and then, I saw her taking it from the spoon and eating with me there…me saying Kitteeeeeeeh. Alright, this is progress. After I left and came back, I could see a tail disappearing ….she had come out to check for food I suppose. Shining a light through the handle hole: they were sitting side by side……. it is pretty cozy in there.

more as the months goes on.

December 12, 2016 – some food was eaten during the day. This evening at dusk – eating off the spoon, licked clean – associating Kitteee-kitteee…comes out with paw through handle hole…went outside for food/spoon…saw me….hissed…went back in  🙂

PLAN: slowly leave food out only during the day, less and less at nighttime – to encourage coming out. offer wet food twice a day, morning and evening on spoon.

December 15 – widened the handle opening…as they had clogged it with cloth. Actually, make it bigger in height. Food still disappears, the female will take it from the spoon – plan…carefully open the hole even more…they got scared with the activity at their cave…but i want them to start seeing me…not just hearing….

December 18, 2016

She even looked at me a few times today

December 20

Today, I saw the boy eating from the spoon, saw one of his paws too. and in the evening, the girl came out and went into the wooden box, observing me from there.  She is associating the Kitteeee sound with the wet cat food on the spoon.  From today on, wet food only from the spoon when I am there. Dry food at night. I did make the opening bigger again too


December 24

Girl Kitty came out part way for the first time.

December 25

Then again on Christmas day – see image…but then, guess way…after not seeing boy all day (he had been showing up at the window the previous days, he came out alltogether at dusk…while I was there….and he didn’t just dash back in when he saw me…iI just said my KittyeeeKittee word and slowly left while he started eating….:) it is 2 1/2 weeks for him.

I use that word repeatedly, make sounds with the spoon and the wet food can …then offer the food.

Decmeber 24

This morning, little feral girl kitty came out halfway out of the cave for some wet cat food 🙂 – just saying it because it is a first

December 25

A feral girl kitty sighting 🙂 – boy has been eating from the spoon with her for 2 days now too, inside their cave that is, no pic. his eye looks ok as far as visible. (for those who remember he had a corneal abrasion)

this afternoon, little feral boy kitty came out the front …and not only did he not dash back into the cave when he startled after seeing me…he stayed by the food, started eating as i left…he musta been hungry. (for those who might follow this feral kitty adventure)

December 26, 2016

oh, Blue boy feral kitty came out of the cave for wet food this am….his r eye . right upper right cornea…still cloudy, but more grey instead of white. might be scar tissue, in any case, nothing i can do about it.

January 1, 2017

This morning – Blue Boy feral kitty came out and stayed out for a while, investigating…so today I made it the day they got to go out….out of the crate into the feed storage room. Tha was in the afternoon, after clearing out some more things. Girl didn’t take long to venture 🙂 – now I have to make sure the door to the feed storage is really closed.

It has been 1 month since the first of the ferals arrived, 3 weeks since the second. This concludes the first month of report.