Tale of 2 Kitties

It is not only about dogs as we all know, but about all animals.

There is a local Nevada County Peeps facebook group, and yesterday, November 28, this was posted by Jennifer:

Hey peeps this lady needs help. I would be willing to help transport, but need help spaying and neutering these cat’s and possibley homes. Anything can and will help.


There were a lot of comments etc, I said we were looking for 2 barn cats, …some¬† time goes by, lots of comments, then this new post by Patti Galle, (published with her permission):



This morning someone posted on a local pet for sale/adoption site that they had been feeding two cats that became 7 cats and now is about to be 30 cats.

She could no longer afford to feed them or take care of them. She has no money, no food, no nothing. Could we help? Of course! What I know is that between peeps, Grass Valley animal control, Sammies and us, there is enough money and resources to get this situation under control.

Now, imagine the sound of brakes screeching. Wait a minute! Come to find out, the woman lives in Glenn County, the city of Willows.

I can be terribly naive. I thought that all I had to do was call Glenn County animal control and they would do just like us. Reach out, put all our resources together, smiling and caring for the animals and the community. And,do it with the utmost of respect and kindness and leave the judgment behind.

Ummmmmm. Well, cough, I guess I have lived in Nevada County too long. I am still trying to recover from what I just heard and how I was treated by this county.

First, I was told that Glenn County considers all cats, domestic or wild “feral.” They will do nothing for any cat except charge $25 for each cat to trap them and euthanize them. If we wanted any help, it would be $125. I explained we are not in Glenn County and we are trying to help cats that are basically being abandoned and breeding to epic numbers.

The answer was too bad, we won’t split the fee with you, we won’t help out, we want $125 and that is it.

I asked what if no one had the money? Again, he told me that all cats, domestic and wild are considered feral and they will do nothing for them. They can starve, they can be abandoned, they can continue to breed, unless we come up with $125 they won’t help.

I told him there was something called Penal Code 597, that protected animals. You cannot, by State Law, abandon an animal. He did not give a flying F. Trust me.

Since the Sheriff department runs their animal control, I asked to talk to the Sheriff. Of course, he couldn’t talk to me but I could leave a message. No call back. I decided to try the city manager of Willows. I was told that if she was in the city limits, she would have to trap them and bring them to a local vet for euthanasia. And, they only had so much money for this and if the funds had run out, we had to wait until next year. No, they would not help us with doing this. We would have to get the traps, set them, bring the cats in for euthanizing ourselves.

I explained again, we were from Nevada County. His response was basically, too bad, that is what has to happen or the cats can just be abandoned.

I explained Penal Code 597 and that by State Law you can’t abandon an animal to starve. He did not give a flying F.

Let me run outside and scream. Thank you.

Ok, I am back.

Come to find out, the woman lives in the County. At this point, I have offered $50 towards the fee. The kind and wonderful citizen here in Nevada County that reached out on the owners behalf is putting in $50. We are expecting the owner to come up with $25. It is the right and the least she can do.

It is true that they will be euthanized. We cannot bring 7 cats to our county when Sammies is spilling over with cats waiting months and months to be adopted. Same with Grass Valley shelter. If someone can go to Willows and help trap and adopt them, please do. We are inviting all the help we can get. PM me for her contact info but only if you are able to help with trapping and adopting.

In the end, the sad part of the story is that in our County we would never devalue animals like they do there. It was stunning that there was absolutely no care for cats or that they had any value as living creatures at all. They were to be trapped and killed. Then, you are held hostage to pay them to do this or the cats can just suffer. Period. End of statement.

I did check my calendar to see if it was 2016. It is but apparently, in Willows California, you don’t have to abide by the Penal Code, you don’t have to help any abandoned animal and you don’t have to work collectively to solve a problem.

Take a moment to thank your lucky stars you live in Nevada County.”

After reading this post, a local Vet, Dr Avery from For The Love Of Pets,  agreed to spay/neuter all 7.

We are still taking 2 of them and their quarters are now all set up. I had already gotten the heating mat last month and cat bed last week in anticipation of cats that somehow will be coming to us.

So today, Tuesday, the first cats were trapped, Jennifer is taking them

here is another post from Patti:

There are angels amongst us and they come in human form. One such angel is Jennifer Hawkes. She is making the trip to Willow each time a kitty is trapped and bringing them to For The Love of Pets, where Dr. Avery is spaying and neutering them.

They hopefully will be going to homes as they will be euthanized immediately at the Glenn County animal control facility if not.

So far we have three of seven cats trapped and Jennifer is staying with it until it is done.

If you have noted an interest in adopting one or more of these cats, please PM me. We are ready to rock and roll!

No doubt we have never helped out of county pets before but I do believe situations come to us when we are called to help.

The situation came into our view and we couldn’t walk away from 7 cats, unaltered being abandoned or being brought to their death because of human error.

I think they knew we could help and are grateful to do so.

Please, my wish, my hope, my dream is for everyone to spay and neuter their pets! If you or a friend or family member needs to do this, please do it now. Give the gift of life to pets waiting for homes and who will be put to death if not adopted. Let’s work towards zero pet overpopulation in Nevada County. I know we can do it!

More updates as they come in!


Tomorrow, more trapping and if all goes well, we’ll pick 2 of them up at the vet soon.

…ok, it started with 1 as the kitties got trap-wise very quickly

see how it goes during the first week


All dogs deserve a home, all wild K9s to be free