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We look at a  seemingly endless sea of suffering animals in need aware of our aching hearts, limited time and energy …and yet, compassion turns into mercy – acts of kindness happen towards those needing help, even just for a short time, a touch of warmth or love …. what is it that makes us take the steps?

It is something coming through the heart ….and getting the view or the seeming endlessness of unconsciousness and suffering …and still doing what needs to be done…that is working in the trenches.

Those with great internal drive and awakened passion will just DO something …others might too start to act more slowly and smaller. One of the things that helps is: interest, support and a heart opening – and actual experience with  – D O G S ! Says Goldie  of Mina, her mom’s dog that spent a lot of time with her 2 dogs:  “She was family and loved, and it took Spirit and Bravo months to recover after her passing… I don’t know how people can not see the precious gift ALL dogs and animals are, even the stubborn disagreeable ones… they all have something to give and teach us.”

Because of one such: start to act – here is our INSPIRED TO ACTION main page.

Stepping up your involvement -> you’ll find out what it will take, learning as it goes.

Some friends and I are collecting blankets, beds, small comforters, baby blankets and stuffed animals and doggie toys to donate to shelters this winter. If you have something you’d like to donate please send me a message. Thank you!

if we get blankets, was gonna take them to West Side German Shepherd for Macfarland…

thank you so much!!! you’ve inspired me, and Jenny called me and said lets do this. We’ve never done it before but we’re gonna give it our best! 🙂

YEah, I’ll take Spirit one day and go door to door to drop off flyers and Bravo another day… and then drive around on those mornings to pick up. 🙂
fingers crossed!

What is YOUR next step?

There was this

and this

All dogs deserve a home, all wild K9s to be free